Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Resolutions

Hello new year! I've got a few resolutions for you.
  • Start and maintain my Etsy shop. I want to have a grand opening January 15th!
  • Stay committed to this blog, posting to it at least twice a week. After several years of infrequent posting on my last blog, I got bored with it and shut it down. This one I'm going to maintain with a very specific focus on jewelry making. Sure, I'll probably talk about kids and life, but not as much.
  • 12 sales by December 31st, 2010. I'd love one a month, but I know better than to expect that. A modest goal, to be sure, but to hit this mark, I'm going to have to actually engage in promotion.
  • Post one new item for sale in my shop each week. That should be easy enough!
  • Maintain a commitment to publishing free patterns and tutorials so that other people can learn the amazing stress-relief that is jewelry making on their own.

I think that's it for now! I think I can do it:D