Sunday, January 10, 2010

Early Winter Blahs and Raiding the Stockpile

Wow am I sick of being cold! It's only early winter - we've still got months of snowfall coming - and I'm ready to pack it up for warmer climates. Has anyone noticed that there seems to be a disproportionate number of creative people in warmer climates as opposed to colder? I wonder if there is something to that? ;)

My shop opens up in 5 days! I'm really excited. I don't know why - it's not like an art gallery where you have snacks and people coming and going. But I've made some really cool stuff I can't wait to show off:D

I've had a serious dragonesque stockpile of shiny treasure for a long time now, with stacks of handmade art beads from both Michigan artists like Susan Baily, Shaterra Clay, and Simon Sews Etc., and some of the amazing artists I've met through their online shops, like Artisan Clay, Lisa Peters Art, Spawn of Flame, and Too Aquarius. I've pulled out beads I haven't look at in months or years, added some wire and accents beads, and let the magic happen. Can't wait to see if the world thinks my stuff is as cool as I think it is.

Meanwhile, the boys and I stay huddled by the fire when we get home in the evenings, watching flicks and wearing absurd layers of socks, the hot cocoa and cuddles flowing freely. Torin has a knack for colors and makes some fun stuff with his ribbon and plastic beads. Quinn isn't nearly as interested - he'd rather have something to break than make. That's OK. He's only two. I'll convert him eventually!

I think I'm going to post some teaser shots of some projects later today. But I'm not so good with the macro photography. Does anyone have any suggestions on building a home-made light box?


  1. Wow Summer! I just checked out spawn of flame! A new favorite bead maker for me!

  2. Isn't she awesome? :) Her new velvet beads are absolutely amazing.