Thursday, December 31, 2009

First Post!

Yes, I'm posting before I actually intend on advertising I have a new blog. Why? Because I've finally commenced the process of setting up my own little Etsy shop. There are reasons and business models and all sorts of things floating around my rather random and absent mind, and I want to capture them before the new year.

What am I going to call my shop?

summeralyssa's whimsical wire

Why? Well, most people in the online jewelry world know me as summeralyssa. (Believe it or not, that is actually my real first and middle name!) Also, though I am a master of many forms of beadwork, I love wire because it's shiny, expressive, inexpensive, and quick.

The inexpensive and quick part of that equation are actually pretty important.

I live in Michigan. Scenic and expansive, its numerous forests and rivers and inland seas make it a marvelous place. Well, unless your fond of a stable economy and steady employment. We sorta suck at the whole "holding a job" thing... even worse at the whole "getting a job" thing. We're pretty broke around here.

Pricing is a big issue. Not a lot of us can afford pretty shiny jewelry. And I want to sell my stuff at a price my friends and neighbors can afford.

Another issue: My day job is the development director of a local nonprofit. I'm all about the nonprofit thing. I'm even going to donate a portion of the sale price of each piece of jewelry sold to a Michigan nonprofit.

You, the customer, can select the nonprofit if you'd like. If there isn't one selected in notes to seller, I'm going with mine: Comprehensive Therapy Center. Helping disadvantaged children with disabilities walk, talk, learn, and play.

10% to nonprofits.

Nifty, right?

OK, that's it for today. Tomorrow, being New Years, I'll try to come up with some resolutions.

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