Sunday, March 7, 2010

Clay and Copper Geometries

Yikes, where have I been? Lazy, really. Soaking up the (on average) extra two minutes of daylight we've been getting every day, and the amazingly warm weather. It's been above freezing, and I've been splashing in the mud with my boys:D (Then promptly running inside to thaw out in a warm bath, lol!)

I have lots to share, so I'll be writing more posts pretty soon. But for now, check out my pretty new earrings!

I bought several of these very cool clay squares from ArtisanClay with very big plans in mind for them. This set is the first realization of those inspirations.

Copper wire wraps czech glass and swarovski crystals in shades of brown and pink. I also formed swirls and triangles to bring together my favorite basic shapes.

This project is a variation on the "Spiral Hook Earrings" project in Sharilyn Miller's amazing book "Contemporary Copper Jewelry".

I intend to oxidize them at some point, but I'm fresh out of Liver of Sulfer.